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  • Alumni Spotlight: Jacquelyne Alesi
  • WMF Scholar and Micro-grantee Judith Aloko of Ghana talking with pupils of Worikambo Primary School.
  • Jordyn Wells, Nicole Schmitz and Johnson Abuto were welcomed by WMF Scholars in Kigali, Rwanda. They are traveling to meet WMF Fellowship networks in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and the South Sudan delegation in Uganda. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Alumni Coordinator Nicole Schmitz speaking to a group in Brazil about our projects and programs.
  • Dream Big Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, June 23-26, 2015
  • WMF President Tom Wells with Gwenael Apollon General Secretary of YMCA d'Haiti at the YMCA Container Community Center in Boutin, Haiti
  • WMF Scholar Molly Grace Apio of Uganda, volunteering at community health screening
  • WMF Scholar Alpha Pokharel of Nepal, surveying community health needs
  • Community gathers to celebrate the construction of the first YMCA Container Community Center at Le Boule, Haiti.
  • WMF Nepal Fellowship meeting in September, 2016
  • Dedication of Bibliothèque Carol Wells at the Kenscoff YMCA in Haiti

Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) has as its focus education, which we believe is the key building block to success in all other endeavors, literacy, the essential tie to the knowledge contained in the written word, and community, the core entity, just beyond the family, critical to building a compassionate and effective society. As such, we seek to gather and distribute resources to empower motivated individuals, mostly in developing nations, to grow personally, so as to be able to have a meaningful, positive impact in the communities, their countries, and ultimately, the world.