Bonny Mark Alinga, Uganda

This month’s WMI Graduate Scholar has been instrumental in reaching higher within every activity he participates in. Bonny Mark Alinga of Lira, Uganda, is a Class of 2014 graduate of Business Administration & Human Resource Management from Bugema University.

 Bonny Mark Alinga is a husband, father, community leader, entrepreneur and dedicated citizen who cares deeply about advancing health, welfare and educational opportunities available to those in the community where he was raised. 

He is a founding member and is actively engaged as an officer in the Fountains for Change – WMI Uganda Fellowship, holds a leadership position in his local Rotary Club, founded Solace of Hope, a locally registered non-profit, community based organization and runs Nissi Telecom LTD, his own business providing internet services and IT training courses.

Bonny Mark was awarded one of the first WMI Micro-Grant to support the development and building of a secondary school within his community with Solace of Hope. He has learned many lessons throughout the development of projects with Solace of Hope and continues to push forward to improve the lives of others. Solace of Hope is currently seeking partnerships and funding opportunities to support educational and health care initiatives.

Solace of Hope is a non-profit making organization committed to bringing immediate and lasting solutions to children and families living in extreme poverty. We confront the root causes of poverty by providing opportunities to be educated, grow up healthy, economically empowered, and develop employability skills. To learn more visit: 

Solace of Hope

When not working directly with his community, Bonny Mark takes a lead role in representing the Wells Mountain Foundation. He was instrumental in ensuring that Empowerment Through Education Scholars and Graduate Scholar from Uganda were present at the first WMI Dream Big Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015. And most recently, he has stepped up and is the lead contact for the WMI Dream Big Conference to be held in Entebbe, Uganda in 2018!

Bonny shares, “WMI has made what had seemed impossible, possible for me over the years and so I’m inspired and delightful to do the same to others. I am working to influence and change the mindset of people in my community through economic empowerment activities such as tailoring, development of a saving culture, art and crafts and bringing forth the benefits of education through my engagement with them.”

We could continue sharing the amazing initiatives that this WMI Graduate Scholar engages in and is constantly developing. His leadership is contagious and inspires those around him to follow and grow to be leaders themselves! Congratulations, Bonny Mark Alinga!

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  1. Charles Uwambajimana July 7, 2017 at 11:23 pm #

    Congz to this great man. I have the same dreams too

  2. Mensa Desmond Jesse August 2, 2017 at 2:30 am #

    Well done Mr. Mark Bonny, you are an example for us. Thanks for allowing yourself to be an agent of change.
    #Future of Africa.

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