Jacquelyne Alesi, Uganda

Jacquelyne joined the WMI Family in 2010 and soon graduated in 2013 from the YMCA Comprehensive Institute in Uganda with a certificate and later a diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

Since graduating she has used her education to change numerous lives. She is an inspiration to all of us at WMI. She is currently the Executive Director of Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV and also owns a consultancy company called LinkUp Consultants Management.

UNYPA was started in 2003 to provide leadership and coordinate the greater and meaningful involvement and participation of YPLHIV in Uganda in the national, regional and global HIV and AIDS response. Learn more at: http://unypa.elite.ug

The Linkup Consultants Management website states,  “We are a business and management consultancy with key expertise in Logistics, Supply Chain, Business Consultancy, Health Consultancy, Local Government and Social Care Consultancy. Our offices are based in Kampala-Uganda, and we have an extensive team of consultants spread over East Africa.” Learn more at:  http://www.linkupconsultantsmgt.org/#testimonials

Jacquelyne also started a community school, Above All Kindergarten Day Care and Primary School. She shares, “It’s a Christian based foundation. It has provided jobs to four young mothers and has 63 pupils of which 20 don’t pay because they’re orphans. We try as much as possible to look for money that can help look after all the kids whether orphans or not.” Learn more here

Her busy professional life and dedication to helping others doesn’t end when she returns home in the evenings to her husband and eight-year-old son. Jacquelyne supports eight children living with HIV by paying their school fees and provides support to her family members when needed.

Jacquelyne continues to be an active member of WMI and is currently the elected Chairperson of the Fountains for Change (F4C) – WMI Uganda Fellowship. As a founding member, she supports, “…making sure that the F4C that we started makes changes in the community and the lives of people.”  Jacquelyne has provided her office building as a space to hold F4C meetings in Kampala. WMI Staff had the opportunity to learn more about Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV, meet staff and tour the facilities in April 2017.

Her energy for a better tomorrow is a never ending light. Jacquelyne shared that her goal is to continue mentoring more young people to become leaders. When asked where her inspiration comes from, Jacquelyne contributes her strength to her father, her best friend, who recently passed away.

Jacquelyne shares the memory of her father assisting with one of her largest and most impactful projects with the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV, the Y+ Beauty Pageant. In an interview, she stated that she started the pageant as an innovative way to bring attention to youth living with HIV/AIDs and to fight stigmas present within society.

When I started the Y+ beauty pageant in 2014 it was my dad who gave me money to hold the activity. This made me his business partner and in 2015 he was the guest of honor. This gave him such happiness and he was really impressed with my professional growth. 

When asked why I started a beauty pageant, I always answer with one statement, my experience motivated me to do so. I was once denied a job because I was HIV positive and this hurt me so much and moreover I was very honest with them about my status. 

I want the world to know that young people living with HIV have the potential to take on big roles; their HIV status doesn’t limit them to do their dream jobs. 

This activity has so far reached 500 young people living with HIV and it has been featured on differentinternational and national medias channels like CNN, BCC, DW, Al Jazeera and many others.  

This event has featured in the Uganda progress report as something that young people can do to prevent infections. This year the final event will take place on on September 23, 2017 at Hotel Africana.  There will be an entry fee this year for spectators to help raise funds for the creation for a rehabilitation center.

Learn more about the Y+ Beauty Pageant 

Jacquelyne Alesi’s actions speak for themselves. WMI is so honored to be a partner of her Scholar & Graduate Scholar Journey!

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