Act • Micro-Grants

ACT • Micro-Grants

The Wells Mountain Initiative announced the creation and launch of the Micro-Grants Program at the Dream Big Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya in June 2015.

The WMI Micro-Grants Program is open exclusively to all WMI Graduate Scholars in good standing. Only applications from WMI Graduate Scholars will be reviewed and funded.

While we do not expect grantees to pay back any of the funds received from the WMI Micro-Grants Program, we do need and require the submission of reports to WMI on activities undertaken and funds spent.

The WMI Micro-Grants Program will provide a one-time grant of $100 to $1000 USD to help start, or significantly expand, a business, community-based organization (CBO), non-governmental organization (NGO), community service project or event.

Click on the location markers on the map to learn more about individual Micro-Grants projects.

More in-depth reporting on the success of the Micro-Grants Program can be found under Awardees.