Micro-Grants Application

Micro-Grants Application

The application form can be downloaded here: Micro-Grant Application Form.  Applications should be submitted electronically to: micro-grants@wellsmountain.com.  All applications and supporting documents must be completed in English.

Application Guidelines:

  • Applicants who can demonstrate evidence of additional funding support from other sources, i.e. matching funds, other grants, will be more favorably considered.
  • We will not fund family or personal needs of any kind.
  • The higher ratio of people reached and helped per dollar amount, the better.
  • Community education of any kind is favored.
  • If the funds are being sought for a business, please submit your business plan with your application. We will consider the chances of success and the number of people employed and affected by the business, as well as other factors.
  • Your application and supporting documents must be completed in English.

Program Eligibility

The WMF Micro-Grant Program is open exclusively to all WMF Alumni in good standing. You must have been a member of the Empowerment Through Education program and graduated from your university in order to apply and have your application reviewed. A WMF Alumni in good standing is defined as an individual who:

  • Continually provided all required WMF Reporting Documents to the Empowerment Through Education Coordinator while studying.
  • Completed the annual WMF Alumni Survey sent by the WMF Alumni Coordinator (if you have not completed the survey this year and wish to apply for the Micro-Grants Program, please contact the WMF Alumni Coordinator).

WMF Alumni who are awarded a Micro-Grant through this program will not be eligible to apply again for additional funding for a period of two years.

Application & Award Announcement Dates

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed based upon the date received.

Applications received by April 1
Reviewed by May 1
Award Announcement & Funds Sent in June

Applications received by October 1
Reviewed by November 1
Award Announcement & Funds Sent in December

Resources for Micro-Grant Grantees

Resources for grantees will be provided via email from the WMF Alumni Coordinator. If you need another set of documents, you can download them from this section.

Micro-Grant Program Award Agreement

Micro-Grant Reporting Standards

Micro-Grant Sending of Funds

Micro-Grant Three-Month Report Guidelines