WMF Scholar Fellowships & Alumni Meetings

WMF Scholars and Alumni are encouraged to create strong bonds and assist one another throughout the process of succeeding academically, finding internships, and networking as they enter the professional world and search for employment opportunities. Many WMF Scholars and Alumni would not have the chance to meet one another if not for their Empowerment Through Education connection. Our Scholars and Alumni are leaders who advocate for change, are dedicated to serving their communities, and care about the future of their nations. By supporting national, regional, and worldwide gatherings of WMF Scholars and Alumni, our impact on enhancing the lives of others through education and service, coupled with developing participants’ professional skills, brings tremendous benefits that were once beyond reach to individuals from economically-challenged backgrounds.

Fellowship Matching Funds Program

To learn more about this new program, please access the formal application and submission checklist here.

The growth of all organizations begins in stages and through the help of networks. Our organization believes that WMI Fellowships throughout developing nations create powerful networks of student leaders and professionals across a multitude of industries to create the largest positive impact in communities.

Through in-country visits, surveys and mentorship of WMI Fellowships, WMI learned that a small amount of initial financial assistance would greatly benefit these groups as they formalize and implement community programs throughout their nations.

Launched in July 2017, the WMI Fellowship Matching Fund Program aims to meet this need. The matching grant program has been designed to give WMI Fellowships incentive to fund raise and will largely assist with community-based activities, skill-building and professional development activities.

All WMI Fellowships in good standing have the opportunity to apply once a year for a matching grant between $100-$500. This initial assistance program has been designed to aid WMI Fellowships in becoming self-sustaining, as the matching ratio will decrease in subsequent years.

A detailed formal application is required from each WMI Fellowship. Within this application, the current elected/appointed leadership should be identified, proof of funds raised prior to requesting the match must be documented, a formal budget following the funding parameters of 65% to support community-based activities, professional skill development, and associated expenses, 25% as Fellowship meeting expenses (travel stipends, venue, food, etc.), and 10% for discretionary expenses must be presented. An accompanying budget narrative supporting the request and responsibility statements must also be submitted.

Application assistance is available through the WMI Alumni Coordinator, nicole@wellsmountain.com.

Note: Only formal WMI Fellowships can apply for this program. Other groups or individuals will not be considered for funding.

To learn more about this new program, please access the formal application and submission checklist here.


WMF Rwanda Fellowship

Date: November 28, 2015
Location: Huye District, Rwanda

WMF Scholars and Alumni from Rwanda met for the very first time as a fellowship! They call themselves “Strive for Health in Rwanda” and for this very first activity together, they couldn’t have chosen better. While in Paris, world leaders discuss the future of environmental actions, our five inspiring Rwanda Scholars planted 700 trees in Ngoma cell, Huye district. “Deforestation occupies an untouchable place among the causes of climate change and remains a big challenge to the developing world of today and to that of coming generations. But the good news is that “Strive for Health in Rwanda” is finally waking up to this climate change”, writes Evode Nagayabo, a student of Medicine & Surgery, WMF 2014 Scholar, in the fellowship website. To learn more: http://wsrh.tk/


WMF Kenya Fellowship

Date: November 8, 2014
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

WMF Scholars and Alumni from Kenya organized a day of service at the Thomas Barnardo House – Kenya Children’s Home in Nairobi. The WMF Kenya Fellowship initiated and implemented every aspect of the day’s activites. They pooled their resources to help those traveling many hours to reach Nairobi, to assist in paying the wages and transportation costs of a sign language interpreter, to provide supplies for the children.  Most importantly, they continued to lead positive change within their communities. The WMF Kenya Fellowship is one example of the power of WMF Scholars and Alumni leading the Wells Mountain Foundation into the future! To read a report on the day written by Brian Juma visit: http://www.wellsmountainfoundation.org/wmf-kenyan-fellowship-meeting-report

In attendance were: Brian Juma, Emmanuel Mabibo, Maulline Akumu, Robert Kituyi, Peter Kabethi, his interpreter Teresia, Evelyne Mwende, Paul Omondi and his friend Ruth, and David Ouma.

Date: July 12, 2014
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

In mid-July, Brian Juma (Community Resource Management) took the lead in organizing and hosting the first WMF Kenya Fellowship in Nairobi. Attendees traveled from around the country to gather for the first time. Topics of discussion included the election of officers, planning for a future community service project by a team of WMF Scholars and Alumni in Kenya, and brainstorming for the upcoming WMF “Dream Big” 2015 Scholars Conference in which all WMF Scholars and Alumni worldwide will be invited! The attendees of this meeting had the opportunity to speak with programs coordinator Nicole Baker by phone at the beginning of the meeting and volunteered with enthusiasm to be a part of a hosting committee for the 2015 Scholars Conference next year.

Attendees (L to R): Emmanuel Mabibo,  Maulline Akumu, Robert Kituyi, Sarah Wamburu (honorary invitee to assist with interpretation), Peter Kabethi, and Brian Juma.

Board Member Meets with Scholars in Kenya

Date: June 27, 2014
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

WMF board member Jordyn Wells met with Brian Omala (WMF Scholar 2012) and Dr. Ephranzia Malindi (WMF Alumni) at the non-profit organization of Shining Hope for Communities in the community of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. Jordyn Wells is the chief programs officer and works between New York City, United States of America, and Nairobi, Kenya. In advance of the July WMF Kenya Fellowship, Brian wanted to meet with Jordyn to discuss her experiences leading the WMF Scholars’ Seminar in Uganda. Brian has dedicated many hours in organizing the WMF Kenya Fellowship meeting, which will take place in July. His enthusiasm for creating a strong support network among WMF Scholars and Alumni continues to advance the mission of the Empowerment Through Education scholarship program. Brian and Ephranzia toured Shining Hope for Communities and discussed their plans for the upcoming meeting.

WMF Uganda Fellowship

Date: January 26, 2014
Location: Kampala, Uganda

On January 26, 2014 we supported WMF Scholars and Alumni of Uganda in their student-driven initiative to host the WMF Uganda Fellowship in Kampala. Bonny Mark Alinga (Public Communications 2015) and Catherine Nagadya (Medicine and Surgery 2016) led the charge to bring current WMF Scholars and Alumni together. Both Scholars wanted to reach out to other WMF Scholars & Alumni in their country and create a support network for one another and develop strategies to continue giving back to their country. They were very successful in hosting their first meeting with eight attendees!

Attendees: Bonny Mark Alinga, Denis Akejo Smith, Molly Grace Apio, Jacquelyn Alesi, Catherine Nagadya, Collins Kivumbi, Rosemary Kali Akello, and Flavia Nabagaereka

WMF Scholars’ Seminar

Date: January 2011
Location: Kampala, Uganda

WMF board member Jordyn Wells traveled to Kampala to lead the first ever gathering of Empowerment Through Education-supported students and alumni. The day-long event focused on team building, goal setting, developing community service plans, advancing interview skills, and networking. Most of the students had never met the other WMF Scholars and Alumni, so this day gave them the opportunity to meet new friends and share experiences. Seminar facilitator Jordyn Wells proclaimed the day a huge success. She shared, “All of them are superstars! I am so impressed by their intelligence, passion and desire to do good in the world.” There were eleven WMF Scholars and Alumni in attendance who are supported through the Empowerment Through Education program to earn their degrees in Medicine & Surgery (9), Social Work (1), and Management (1).