Fellowship Matching Funds Program

Fellowship Matching Funds Program

The matching funds program has been created to empower WMI Fellowships to raise money and move forward towards the goal of being self-funding and sufficient. WMI is aware that as current students and recent graduates it can be difficult to meet many financial responsibilities.

Through this program, WMI will match member contributions, revenue from income generating projects, funds raised through community initiatives and outside grants to support Fellowships. Funding will be awarded based upon proven funds available by the Fellowship between the amounts of $100 and $500 USD.

WMI encourages Fellowships to use the matching funds to support community-based activities, skill-building, professional development, the creation of income generating activities and group development initiatives.

Applications are accepted throughout the year from WMI Fellowships. To learn more, review the frequently asked questions below and write to nicole@wellsmountain.com.

At this time, no outside funding for other groups or organizations will be granted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is matching funding (as known as a matching grant)?
Matching funds are an effective means to assist small projects and initiatives especially those with active and dedicated members and community support.
Who can apply?
The Fellowship Matching Funds program is open to all WMI Fellowships in good standing. A Fellowship in good standing reports regularly to the Graduate Scholar Coordinator, completes meeting reports and has submits the formal annual report each year.
Can other groups and organizations apply?
At this time, no outside funding for other groups or organizations will be reviewed.
How much will be awarded?
The program will provide matching funds in the amount of $100 – $500 USD to expand the impact of Fellowship activities. The amount to be awarded is based upon the successful efforts to raise funds by the Fellowship.

The funds will initially be awarded as a 1:1 match (e.g. WMI will award $1 for every $1 raised, up to $500). With the aim of Fellowships becoming self-sustaining, the matching ratio will decrease in subsequent years.

How many times can a Fellowship apply for this program?
Fellowships can apply for this program once a year, for up to three years.
Do Fellowships need to repay the matching funds in the future?
Fellowships are not expected to repay any of the funds received from the program. As long as the activities described in the application are implemented within one year.
Are there reporting requirements?
Yes, Fellowships are required to submit proof of funds received, formal reports on activities and provide a treasurer report at the end of the year.
When is the application period?
Applications will be accepted on a rolling-basis, throughout the year.
Who should submit this application?
One WMI Fellowship member should submit the application for the group. Only applications from WMI Fellowships will be reviewed. This program does not support funding for other groups or organizations.
What information needs to be prepared in advance to complete the online application?
You should prepare answers to the following questions before starting the online application:

Total number of current Fellowship members
What amount of funds is the Fellowship applying to have matched?
At this time, what amount of funds has the Fellowship raised?
How were the funds raised? (Member dues, Member donations, Community donations, Income generating project, Non-WMI grant, Award money, Other)
Where are the funds currently being saved?
If the request is granted, what will be the total budget available to the Fellowship this year?
What major activities will take place?
Justify the need for these activities.
When and where will these activities take place.
Upload: Proof of funds available
Upload: Formal annual budget detailing revenue and expenses for each activity.