WMF Alumni Duo Work Together to Educate Fellow Ugandans


Above: Jimmy and Susan’s family enjoying a weekend together.

Jimmy Francis Odongo, All Saints University Program Planning & Management, 2011


Awor Susan, All Saints University, Development Studies, 2013


Empowering one another is the basis of the Empowerment Through Education program opportunity. We see this develop on many levels as students from around the globe apply for the honor of becoming a WMF Scholar and make the commitment to serve their communities through 100 hours of service each year. 

Jimmy Francis Odongo is a WMF Alumni as a 2011 graduate of All Saints University who majored in Program Planning and Management. Today Jimmy is the principal of the Uganda Christian Institute for Professional Development in Lira. Jimmy is not only paving the road for current students successful careers, he is also empowering fellow WMF Alumni. 

In 2013, Susan Awor graduated from All Saints University with a degree in Development Studies. Through the WMF Alumni network, Susan interviewed for and become a lecturer. Since her beginnings at the Ugandan Christian Institute for Professional Development, Susan has risen to become a full-time staff member.  Susan shares, “I am honored to be able to give back to my community by having a chance to lecture these kinds of students and I am glad that WMF opened for me the door to be able to do this.” 

The WMF Empowerment Through Education program continues to enable leaders throughout developing nations to earn their first tertiary degree. The WMF Alumni network spanning __ countries will grow to support new graduates worldwide through collaborative community advancement projects and with the case of Jimmy and Susan, networking and future employment.

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