Dr. Catherine Nagadya, Uganda


Girls Unstoppable or Dr. Catherine Nagadya Unstoppable? The WMI believes that both are true! Dr. Nagadya is a graduate of Medicine & Surgery from the Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

Today, Dr. Nagadya works as a practicing resident medical doctor at MIFIUMI Health Services in Tororo, Uganda. She passionately serves her community and all those who seek medical treatment.

Recently, Dr. Nagadya and four additional supporters founded the community-based organization, Girls Unstoppable. Their vision is to produce a “generation of girls in the Gomba District empowered for individual, community and global transformation”. The mission of Girls Unstoppable is to “empower girls in the Gomba District with skills, knowledge, and education.”


The organization plans to support financially disadvantaged girls with scholarships to continue their secondary school education, provide mentorship, coaching and motivational seminars to ensure that every girl remains focused on their dreams and works towards achieving them, and to solve the menstruation issues faced by the girls in this community.

The Girls Unstoppable Empowerment Through Education program received an overwhelming positive welcome by the community. Over 40 applications were received by young girls seeking scholarship assistance to go to or stay enrolled in their secondary school studies.


Dr. Nagadya reported the directors “reviewed a bunch of applications to select one scholar, this we did after a season of praying over the applications.”

Next year, four girls will have the ability to attend secondary school and continue their studies.

Dr. Nagadya and her co-founders plan to work directly with the four scholarship recipients. She reports, “All the directors will spend quality time with them so that they personally impart values and any skills that they possess in a rotational basis so that this empowerment is career wise, personal and spiritual.”

Catherine is unstoppable! Her vision extends to creating an organization that is able to sustain its activities within five years and to have secured supportive partnerships to continue scholarship assistance.15195856_1253158334746457_1558874435983533051_o

Girls Unstoppable will be a force within the communities of the Gomba District!

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