Brian Juma Omala, Kenya

How can one individual be involved with so much locally, regionally, nationally and globally? This has become the question WMI Staff seeks to answer when they think of Brian Juma Omala of Kenya.  

Brian is a graduate with a degree in community resource management from Kenyatta University (2011-2015). As a graduate of management, we can tell that he was fully prepared through his education and experiences to take on community issues and plan his time well.

What sets Brian apart is his commitment to networking. No organization, project or mission is too small or too distant. Some of his involvements since graduation earlier this year are global in scope, but ultimately benefit his community and nation. Utilizing his growing network and his ability to connect his background and community needs to the missions of organizations and opportunities worldwide, Brian is shaping the way WMI defines global success as a WMI Graduate Scholar.

 Brian’s message is clear: research, network, apply, and apply again. Pathways will open up for those who are dedicated, involved and have a clear vision to use his or her talents to benefit others. 

Tom Wells ,WMI founder and president, said,  “Brian is a wonderful example of what one young person can do when he or she sets his or her mind and heart to making a difference. 

Here is list of Brian’s involvements within one year of graduating from Kenyatta University:

Kenyan Ambassador: Generation Change Fellows by United States Institute of Peace

As a Generation Change Fellow, I participated in a week-long training in Morocco. During this training we focused on learning how to lead efforts to build peace, promote peaceful coexistence and deepen our leadership skills. Since then, I have been actively involved in projects aimed at promoting peace in Kenya and Africa as a whole. 

Volunteer: One African Child

One African Child is an organization that works with African children across the continent, to ensure global citizenship education is achieved. The organization also works to advance the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals for access to affordable and quality education for every African child. Therefore, we have educated children on self-awareness, self-control and leadership skills as part of the One African Child mandate.

Youth Leader: Women Deliver

In May, I attended the largest gathering on sexual and reproductive health and rights after the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference was organized by Women Deliver, and took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was among the 300 Youth Leaders who were sponsored by Women Deliver to attend the event. We were given the mandate to continue working on sexual and reproductive health and rights until these rights become a reality for all.

Youth Coordinator and Research Assistant Volunteer: Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

SHOFCO is dedicated to providing slum communities with the tools to create bright futures for themselves. Our community programs provide resources to further economic opportunity and advance human rights, creating space for individuals to pave personal paths out of poverty.

Field Officer: Innovations for Poverty Action in the rural county of Siaya

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a research and policy non-profit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. IPA brings together researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously evaluate, and refine these solutions and their applications, ensuring that the evidence created is used to improve the lives of the world’s poor.

Co-Founder: Paradigm Youth Network Organization

Paradigm Youth Network Organization is a community-based organization that advocates for women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights in the urban poor and rural areas in Kenya, through digital story-telling.

 Young Leader: YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Program

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. Nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60 percent of Africa’s total population is below the age of 35. President Obama launched YALI in 2010 to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa.

Generation Change Fellow: Partnership for Peace and Prosperity Program

I will be attending the Partnership for Peace and Prosperity Program conference to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, in late October. During this program, we will have the opportunity to create dialogue with the decision makers and religious leaders on the best practices of peace-building and peaceful coexistence within African countries.

Links to Brian’s involvements are being provided to help you advance your network and to engage with change-making organizations and communities worldwide!

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